WeEats Catering

To contact Mr. Jamar Horride, the owner of We Eats Services, you can call him at 231-390-5212  or email him at WeEatsFarms@gmail.com.

Owned by Jamar Horride Jr., WeEats Catering is a premier food service company located in metro Detroit. Specializing in on-the-spot services, they offer cook-to-order meals and can also handle complete setup and serving for various events. With a commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences, WeEats Catering ensures that every dish is prepared with skill and attention to detail.

About WeEats Catering:

  • Premier food service company specializing in on-the-spot services
  • Owned and operated by Jamar Horride Jr.
  • Located in metro Detroit, serving the local community
  • Offers cook-to-order meals and complete setup and serving for events
  • Emphasis on delivering exceptional culinary experiences
  • Attention to detail and skilled preparation of dishes
  • Customizable menu options to suit various preferences and dietary needs
  • Experienced staff dedicated to providing top-notch service
  • Expertise in catering for weddings, corporate functions, parties, and more
  • Commitment to using high-quality ingredients
  • Reliable and punctual service for a seamless event experience

WeEats Catering Michigan State Evaluation Report:

WeEats Catering MI Evaluation Report






Our Certifications:

Certificate of License, City of Detroit

Special Event Vendor, WeEats Catering for all Occasions Doing business 2024 Events
Issued: February 19, 2024, Valid: 4/1/24-10/31/24
License Fee: $115
Department of Consumer Affairs, City of Detroit

ServSafe Certification
Certificate #22008337, Issued 4/20/2022, Expires 4/20/2027